Yoga International - Rasa Yoga Chakra Radiance: From Root to  Crown
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Teacher: Sianna Sherman

Do you want to feel more grounded, clear, intuitive, and empowered? To connect to your spirituality, and joy, on a deeper level? Working with the chakras in practice can be one resource for tapping into these inner qualities and strengths, and in this 21-day program with Sianna Sherman, you’ll learn how.

This all-levels program includes seven 30-minute classes, and you’ll get one class every three days. Each class is devoted to one of the seven chakras and includes a dynamic flow that integrates mantra, mudra, and pranayama. These are progressive practices, and the final seventh-chakra-themed sequence thematically integrates each of the other chakras you will have explored.

Class one: You’ll explore muladhara chakra (the root chakra) in practice in order to invite body acceptance and feelings of groundedness and trust. This chakra is symbolized by the earth element and anatomically associated with the pelvic floor. Its seed mantra is lam.

Class two: You’ll explore svadhisthana chakra (the sacral chakra, which Sianna translates as "sacred abode of self") in practice, which can help us connect with our emotional and sensual selves. This chakra is symbolized by the water element and the moon and anatomically associated with the pelvis and hips. Its seed mantra is vam.

Class three: You’ll connect to the fire element in a vitalizing and empowering manipura chakra ("city of jewels") practice. This chakra is associated with the solar plexus, which spans from the navel to the base of the breastbone. Its seed mantra is ram.

Class four: You’ll open to the joy in your heart with an anahata chakra (heart chakra or "unstruck sound") practice. This chakra is said to govern the heart, lungs, lymphatic system, and thymus gland. Its element is air, its essence is love, and its seed mantra is yam.

Class five: You’ll explore vishuddha chakra (the throat chakra or "pure place") in practice, a chakra which can help us speak our truth with honesty, clarity, and skillfulness. Vishuddha chakra is associated with the throat, tongue, thyroid, larynx, and neck. Its element is ether and its seed sound is ham.

Class six: You’ll explore ajna chakra (the eyebrow center or "command center"), a chakra that is associated with intuition, clear perception, and imagination. Anatomically, this chakra is "located" at the brow center and its seed mantra is om.

Class seven: You’ll work with sahasrara chakra (the crown chakra or "thousand petaled lotus"). This chakra is, as Sianna describes it, the "full hookup" to divine source. Anatomically, sahasrara chakra is associated with the crown of the head, and spiritually it’s a resource for liberation.

Yoga International - Rasa Yoga Chakra Radiance: From Root to  Crown
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