Westwood University by Alexandria James

Westwood University by Alexandria James
epub | 817.25 KB | English | Isbn:B091ZMC8RK | Author: Alexandria James | PAge: 325 | Year: 2021


I needed a change. A break from life In my hometown where I am forced to watch those around me have their lives come together, while mine-mine just stays the same.

Little did I know that my acceptance to Westwood University, in the mountains of Western North Carolina, would change my life forever.

It started off wonderful, until I found out that the campus was supposedly haunted. I made a stupid choice, ringing a bell that they said would open the gates of hell and inducing chaos.

Everyone hated me. Everyone told me to go home. Except for him.

I never expected to fall in love. Up until now I was sure that the supernatural didn’t exist. But he wasn’t human and I wasn’t crazy….

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