VMware® Workstation Technology Preview 20H2 Pro v16 Build 16540321 (x86/x64)
VMware® Workstation Technology Preview 20H2 Pro v16 Build 16540321 (x86/x64) | 634 MB

With the release of our first branch in 2020 Tech Preview version 20H1 users can now run virtual machines on a Windows 10, when enabled security on the basis of Hyper-V or Host Virtualization. Device Guard and Credential Guard service can be run simultaneously with VMware Workstation.

At VMworld 2019 a team led Microsoft to the stage for a joint demonstration, the first to show that the virtual machine can be successfully run on Hyper-V and VBS (Virtualization Based Security enabled Windows 10 host. After many years of hard work this incredibly complex and very low-level project is now transferred from concept to preview, which you can test today.
What to check:
With this VMware Workstation Tech Preview should work just as a workstation running on the host without Hyper-V / VBS. Please check your most frequently used scenarios and see how it works. Some of the examples that we can come up with:
Creating a virtual machine using VMware Workstation Pro Tech Preview 20H2
Set up all of the tools in the virtual machine that you are using, use these tools in a virtual machine and make sure they are working properly.
virtual machine operations, such as turning on / off the power of the virtual machine, suspend / resume, the snapshot / return to the snapshot.
Copy the virtual machine created with an earlier version of Workstation GA and used in everyday work, and run it as part of the build tech preview
Extras. information:
Restrictions: As compared to what we showed at VMworld 2019, virtual machine performance has been greatly improved. However, since this is a beta build, not GA-assembly performance may still not be as good as you would expect. However, please let us know if you find that the performance of some applications running in a virtual machine behaves much below expectations. The overall performance of VMware Workstation with host VBS is a top priority, which we plan to improve with a version of GA, which will be released in the near future.
There are other known issues and limitations. You can check the detailed information of the user’s manual in the section "Documents" community Workstation Pro Tech Preview 20H2.
What are other news?
In addition to supporting a vctl containers, we are also looking for feedback in the following areas:
Supports visualization volcano on a computer running Linux.
Vulkan is seen as the successor to OpenGL, and Workstation for Linux is testing a new rendering engine based Vulkan.
This feature allows Linux hosts with graphics processors from Intel provide 3D support DX10. 1 and OpenGL 3.3 for virtual machines that were previously impossible without discrete graphics processors from AMD or Nvidia.
If the workstation detects that the graphics processor Intel is present and used X, by default it will use the renderer Vulkan. No additional configuration is required.
If graphics processors from AMD or Nvidia uses X, then the default OpenGL renderer with DX11 and OpenGL 4.1 (tested at the moment)
Support for USB 3.1 controller
USB 3.1 devices can now connect to virtual machines
Increased VM highs
Highs virtual machines has been increased to 32 vcpu, 128 GB of virtual memory, 8 GB of vRAM per virtual machine
On systems that support this configuration, the virtual machines can now work with up to 32 virtual CPUs and 128 GB of virtual memory. (M. E. 16 or more processor cores and> 128 GB of RAM)
vGPU may be configured with the shared memory of 8 GB.

Year / Release Date: July 2020
Version: the Build 16: 16540321
Developer: VMware, Inc
Developer website: http://www.vmware.com
Bit depth: 32bit, 64bit
Language: English
Medicine: Present
Software requirements:
Windows 10 20H1 on insider Windows program. Minimum build number: 19041.
Hardware requirements:
Intel Haswell processor or higher
Bulldozer AMD or higher processor