Understanding Weight Control by Deborah C  Saltman

Understanding Weight Control by Deborah C Saltman
epub | 3.22 MB | English | Isbn:B07BB4MS4B | Author: Deborah C. Saltman M.D., PH.D | PAge: 174 | Year: 2018


This guide explains why we gain weight and what we can do to lose it. Without advocating any particular diet, it details a mind-body strategy for realistic lifetime weight management.

  • Written by a respected physician who has been through the journey of weight loss
  • Anticipates readers’ concerns by including the questions, quandaries, and solutions of patients with whom she has worked
  • Primes readers with not only the physical challenges but also the mental challenges of weight loss
  • Presents helpful tables including a "weight-disruptive shopping plan"
  • Includes a bibliography that may be referenced for further reading
  • Explains what to look for in a physician to help with weight control in an appendix
  • Category:Applied Psychology, Medical Applied Psychology, Women’s Health