The Word of a Liar by Sally Beauchamp

The Word of a Liar by Sally Beauchamp
epub | 440.56 KB | English | Isbn:B07WTSDT8J | Author: Beauchamp, Sally | PAge: 290 | Year: 2019


Enforcer of the Sons of Thunder Motorcycle Club, Mason Hackett, aka Rambo, believes in taking risks and breaking the rules to get what he wants. He has worked hard to carve a place of respect and trust within this group of men he calls brothers. While attending a rally the club is hosting, Mason Hackett, becomes the target of the president’s wrath, for his deliberate disregard of club protocol. Mason has invited Jack Nelson, to the rally without permission. If the invitation puts Mason in the good graces of Jack, his punishment will be worth it. Jack can offer Mason easy cash and the thrill of a daring life style. Promising to take full responsibility for his guest, Mason is given permission to take a ride in order to clear his head.
Ellen Abrams, who recently moved to Milwaukee to start a new life as a principal of a high school, is a widow and the mother of JD, a boy with autism. After visiting a new colleague’s cabin, she finds herself stranded on a dark, lonely highway. As night encroaches, horrific memories of the accident that killed her husband seven years ago, resurface. Hours pass before a single headlight splits the darkness. When Mason Hackett rolls up behind her, and peers into the window of her car, passions ignite and worlds collide.
Dangerous and deceptive, Mason’s bad boy persona contradicts Ellen’s professionalism and cautiousness. An ensuing relationship entangles Mason in his world of lies. He finds himself caught in a triangle of deceit among his biker brothers, Jack, his boss, and his relationship with Ellen. A crippling breakup is inevitable. Ellen suspects Mason is an outlaw and she fears for herself and her son’s life. A showdown between Jack Nelson, and a member of the Son of Thunder, pushes Mason to the breaking point, when Ellen becomes an unwitting pawn in their deadly scheme. Lives hang in the balance. Who can survive when everything is fueled by the Word of a Liar?

Category:Contemporary Romance, Contemporary Romance