The Vampire of the Opera by Morgan De Guerre

The Vampire of the Opera by Morgan De Guerre
epub | 639.67 KB | English | Isbn:B08YXQW9FY | Author: Morgan De Guerre | PAge: 301 | Year: 2021


Marcus Aemilius Konstantin Orlov
After playing Destiny’s fool for over two centuries, I withdrew from the world.

The walls of the Opera protect me from the squabbles of the mortals and the intrigues of the ageless. The people who come here love my voice. They demand nothing but my music.

Last month, the disappearance of two singers warned me that my peace was about to end. An exceptional audition deepens my fear. Kay Leonis will be a grande diva one day… if she survives what Destiny has in store for her. She doesn’t know it but she’s in the path of a prophecy.

Our destinies are entwined and she will drag me with her, back into the world I tried so hard to leave behind.

Kay Leonis
I never ran into a mystery I didn’t try to solve. As a future lawyer, that made sense. As an opera singer. not so much.

When the Bakirville National Opera wanted to hire me, I didn’t hesitate to give up the best law school in Talinia. When my musical idol decided to leave his coffin every evening to teach me bel canto, I jumped at the chance. And when my friend disappeared, I dove in a heartbeat in an impossible investigation.
Now, I have to balance my private lessons with the great Marcus Orlov with my dogged snooping. If magic is involved, I am painfully ill-equipped to deal with it. But my friend is in trouble, and no one else cares. Except me.

Welcome to Talinia
On this side of the Unbroken Barrier, humans live alongside vampires, werecreatures, wizards and witches, prophets and hellhounds. In our world, souls, youth and power are commodities to be bought and sold.
This magical murder mystery is a retelling of the Phantom of the Opera, in which the vampire is on the stage and danger lurks outside the walls of the Opera.

Yours truly,
Morgan De Guerre
Historian. Secret keeper. Liar.

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