The Sweet Life- Diabetes without Boundaries by Sam Talbot

The Sweet Life- Diabetes without Boundaries by Sam Talbot
epub | 38.75 MB | English | Isbn:B005SHWMHO | Author: Sam Talbot | PAge: 353 | Year: 2011


Sam Talbot is a professional chef, restaurateur, surfer, painter, philanthropist, and, since the age of 12, type 1 diabetic. Yet he has not let the disease stop him from living a rich life packed with energy, adventure, and achievement- culinary and otherwise. In his first, much-anticipated book, he recounts how diabetes has affected but not compromised his life or career, and he shares his own tips-alongside those from other famous diabetics like Halle Berry, Larry King, and Tommy Lee-on how to handle everything from work and hobbies to relationships and travel with discipline and enthusiasm. To round out this advice, he offers bits of foodie wisdom and 75 innovative recipes for fresh, all-natural dishes anybody, diabetic or not, can prepare and enjoy.
Heartfelt, entertaining, and backed by real-life experience and solid medical expertise, The Sweet Life will give readers hope, inspiration, and the proof they need to realize that life with diabetes…

Category:Diabetes, Diabetic & Sugar-Free Cooking, Dessert Baking