The Secrets We Keep by Selina Marie

The Secrets We Keep by Selina Marie
epub | 1.54 MB | English | Isbn:B08W9M2KMS | Author: Selina Marie | PAge: 258 | Year: 2021


How many secrets and lies can a person take before they crack?

Well, it looked like I was about to find out.

I endured the life I lived for the girl with the blonde hair and blue eyes, the girl I idolised growing up. My sister went missing two years ago and I would not stop my search to find her.
In one night, my life changed forever when the hero of my story saved me from the evil who slept down the hall.
When Lukas Elin came crashing into my life, my world and everything I thought to be true came unravelling at the seams. He was everything I should have tried to avoid but throw electric chemistry and logic in a boxing ring together, and logic loses every time.
Penderal Bay is crawling with liars, and even the heroes hide truths too dark to penetrate the surface.
Some men live in glass houses, their secrets hiding deep beyond the reflection.

How can you really tell though, if the man you have foolishly given your heart to is the hero in your story, or the villain?

Disclaimer: Some scenes, language and themes in this book may be sensitive to readers. Contains mature language, dark themes, triggering situations and explicit sex scenes. Not intended or recommended for anyone under the age of 18.

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