The Others by Sarah Blau

The Others by Sarah Blau
epub | 2.7 MB | English | Isbn:B08WCKPSML | Author: Sarah Blau | PAge: 196 | Year: 2018


A biting and propulsive thriller in which a pact made twenty years before lands one woman at the heart of a murder investigation-but is she the next victim, or the primary suspect?
As soon as Sheila hears the news, she knows the police will be calling. Dina Kaminer-one of Israel’s preeminent feminist scholars and Sheila’s oldest friend-has been found murdered, the word "mother" carved into her forehead and a baby doll fixed to her hands.

For Sheila, that word is a warning. Two decades before, she and Dina had joined a group of women who swore they would never have children. Instead, they would follow the example of "The Others," women the Torah considered childless, but they saw as willingly child-free. Sheila has upheld her vow year after year, even as her friendship with Dina fell apart. But now, as more women turn up dead, each transformed into a mother against her will, Sheila must decide if she’s made the right choice . . . and…

Category:Theology, Motherhood, Judaism