The Little Book of Flirting

The Little Book of Flirting {BooksHash
epub | 135.74 KB | English | Isbn:B01MS8838Z | Author: Stewart Ferris | PAge: 160 | Year: 2002


Acclaimed flirting expert Peta Heskell’s mini-guide to charming your way to love, friendship and success. A bite-sized guide to powerful communication.
Peta Haskell has got flirting down to a fine art – one that can be used not just in romantic relationships but in every relationship (with teachers, neighbours, clients and colleagues) to make communication more fun. Peta insists that the key to successful socializing is being able to be yourself. This funky little guide is packed with tips, quotes and cheeky line drawings that will help to make you a great flirt too.
• Are you a bit of a flirt already?
• Beginning on the inside, with yourself!
• Sharpening up your senses
• Friendly flirting
• Sexual flirting
• Social events – giving out the glow
• Creating instant rapport
• The 6 don’ts of flirting

Category:Psychology of Human Sexuality, Social Psychology & Interactions, Interpersonal Relations