The Leadership Map by Ian Windle

The Leadership Map by Ian Windle
epub | 3.02 MB | English | Isbn:B08YS17JCL | Author: Ian Windle | PAge: 199 | Year: 2021


Leadership is complicated.
Don’t leave it to chance.
The Leadership Map demystifies the subject and provides every leader with a comprehensive framework to create and grow a successful business. It covers all the key elements you need to understand and build a successful business; from creating your vision, to developing your people, to executing on your strategy.
The book is brought to life through stories based on the author’s knowledge and experience of working first-hand with CEOs of many businesses both large and small, private and public, national and international.
Ian Windle is a pragmatist, not a theorist. The Leadership Map will bring clarity to your thinking and provide you with models, tools and techniques that will allow you to immediately put your ideas into action.

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