The Elevated Communicator by Maryanne O'Brien

The Elevated Communicator by Maryanne O’Brien
epub | 2.7 MB | English | Isbn:1982154721 | Author: Maryanne O’Brien | PAge: 218 | Year: 2021


Discover your communication style and elevate consciousness at work to build trust, strengthen collaboration, relieve stress, and improve wellbeing.
Our work lives revolve around effective communication. It is essential for cultivating trust and team collaboration, as well as strengthening our motivation and wellbeing at work. And with teams experiencing more anxiety, stress, and burnout than ever before, strong communication skills have never been more essential.

The key to this clear and effective communication begins with understanding our own personal communication styles. Bringing our whole and authentic selves to work improves relationships and teamwork. The better we understand what drives us, how we impact others, and how our wellbeing impacts our communication, the faster we can close communication gaps to build healthy, successful, and satisfying work lives and more intentional careers.

Drawing on more than a decade of original research on…

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