The Day She Died by S  M  Freedman

The Day She Died by S M Freedman
epub | 1.77 MB | English | Isbn:B08CZ3RGR5 | Author: S.M. Freedman | PAge: 284 | Year: 2021


After a traumatic head injury, Eve questions every memory and motive in this mind-bending psychological thriller. Eve Gold’s birthdays are killers, and her twenty-seventh proves to be no different. But for the up-and-coming Vancouver artist, facing death isn’t the real shock – it’s what comes after. Recovering from a near-fatal accident, Eve is determined to return to the life she’s always wanted: a successful artistic career, marriage to the man who once broke her heart, and another chance at motherhood. But brain damage leaves her forgetful, confused, and tortured by repressed memories of a deeply troubled childhood, where her innocence was stolen one lie – and one suspicious death – at a time. As the dark, twisted pages unfold, Eve must choose between clinging to the lies that helped her survive her childhood and unearthing the secrets she buried long ago.

Category:Women’s Psychological Fiction, Women’s Literary Fiction, Psychological Thrillers