The Boy I Love to HateA Swee - Emily Lowry

The Boy I Love to Hate A Swee – Emily Lowry
epub | 553.54 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B0946CDCKF | Author: Emily Lowry | Year: 2022


Everyone at Hallisburg Prep worships the ground Sutton Reilly walks on.

Everyone except me.

I hate everything about the school’s star quarterback-he’s nothing but a cocky, arrogant, class-A jerk.

The type of guy I stay far, far away from.

Until we’re caught out of bed together after curfew. And it doesn’t look good.

Our punishment? We’re forced to work together on a school fundraiser. Ugh.

My only bright light is NeverFret – the sweet, mysterious guy I talk to on the school’s messaging app. He’s Sutton Reilly’s polar opposite, and I think I’m falling for him.

Because I’d never fall for the boy I love to hate.


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