The Biochemistry Of Inorganic Polyphosphates

The Biochemistry Of Inorganic Polyphosphates
pdf | 3.94 MB | English | Isbn:B001CX5LUI | Author: I. S. Kulaev | PAge: 293 | Year: 2007


Now in a second edition, Biochemistry of Inorganic Polyphosphates fills the need for an exhaustive resource on inorganic polyphosphate metabolism. The authors describe the structure and properties of these compounds and presents a comparative analysis of the newest and traditional methods of their extraction from cells. Distribution of polyphosphates in organisms, their localization in cells and tissues is also described.

  • Comprehensive presentation of inorganic polyphosphate metabolism
  • Follows polyphosphates in cells of organisms from different stages of evolution
  • Presents methods for the analysis and study of polyP-dependent enzymes
  • Comprehensive information on genetics, metabolism and biotechnology of polyphosphates
  • Textbook and reference work on all aspects of polyphosphates
  • Category:Inorganic Chemistry, Biochemistry Science, Inorganic Chemistry