The Animal Squad and the Staff of Duat by Jan Sier

The Animal Squad and the Staff of Duat by Jan Sier
epub | 998.79 KB | English | Isbn:B093MNZ7GP | Author: Jan Sier | PAge: 153 | Year: 2021


Many Dangerous Creatures Live Along the Nile River. Some Have Bazookas!
The Animalis International Team must mobilize once more to fight off a secret menace before it takes over the world. A new global squad is being assembled, each member bringing their unique talents and personalities to form a single, dedicated fighting unit. The heroes must learn to work together while they try to stop an ancient terror from awakening armies of the undead!
A new adventure in the secret-agent action genre involving beast-men, their unique fighting skills and heightened natural abilities making each one a force to be reckoned with.
The AIT is a team of beast-men, hybrids between humans and animals, who fight menaces more cataclysmic than what humankind would be able to take on. They operate in secret, never letting themselves or their missions be known or shown to the public. Neutralizing a host of threats, from mythical weapons to modern political conspiracies, there is no kind of evil that would deter the AIT!

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