Tempted by Fire  Firehouse 13 - C N  Marie

Tempted by Fire Firehouse 13 – C N Marie
epub | 188.52 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B09J2V59B6 | Author: C.N. Marie | Year: 2022



Tempted by Fire is book 1 of Firehouse 13, a 12 part series releasing in 2022.


Small towns were never on my horizon – big dreams means big cities, right? Well, maybe it did once upon a time. But then that dream turned into a nightmare and Armstrong was the only place I could think to run to.

I didn’t count on the protective and sexy firefighter catching my eye. He makes me feel safe and protected, but I know better than anyone that nothing lasts forever. When my past comes knocking, will it all just disintegrate? I hope he won’t just become a memory to cling to on cold winter nights.


Love has never been on my radar, I’d seen the effort it took, and the damage it left behind when it all went wrong. But when my best friend’s little sister arrives in town, I know she must be running from something or someone. I feel an instant attraction, an invisible pull that I never imagined I could feel.

Her fear and desire stir something within me, spurring me to protect what never should have been mine. She may be forbidden but she’s mine now and I never promised to play by the rules.

Category:Contemporary American Fiction, Friendship Fiction, Small Town & Rural Fiction