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XIIIth International Symposium on Spermatology
XIIIth International Symposium on Spermatology
English | 2021 | ISBN: 3030662918 | 352 Pages | PDF | 11 MB
These proceedings of the 2018 XIII International Symposium on Spermatology focus on comparative biology, and encourages discussion and the exchange of ideas. The aim of this Symposium was to provide a unique opportunity and bring together scientists from a wide spectrum of research fields – human, domestic animals and other mammals, vertebrates, insects, and plants. The underlying focus is on the function of the spermatozoon – a common feature for sexual reproduction, but extremely varied. By exploring the variability, a better understanding of male reproductive functions can develop. These proceedings address the mechanisms of physiology and pathophysiology, rather than diagnosis and treatment. The symposium featured keynote lectures by invited speakers, followed by presentations on specific aspects of the general topic of the session. Experimental studies are given priority over clinical studies of patient populations. The proceedings comprise both keynote speakers’ texts and selected free communications. Posters were considered for publication in the proceedings, and the volume includes exhibited materials on the work of prominent spermatologists, highlighting their important past achievements in the field.

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Gregory the Great A Symposium
Gregory the Great: A Symposium By John C. Cavadini (Editor)
2001 | 235 Pages | ISBN: 0268010439 | PDF | 2 MB
A group of renowned North American scholars gathered at the University of Notre Dame in 1993 for a symposium on Pope Gregory the Great (550-604). This volume presents essays delivered at the conference, together with additional contributions. In these essays Gregory emerges as a figure both interpreting and interpreted: interpreting the past, receiving, synthesizing, and developing the teachings of earlier writers, and, by this very process, presenting a persuasive theological and pastoral agenda which has inspired projects of interpretation and development in later periods up to and including our own.Review"The Gregory that emerges from these essays is one who, while not speculative or systematic in his thought, responded creatively to the changed circumstances of Christianity in the sixth century, formulating the gospel message in ways his contemporaries found compelling. The essays . . . are a helpful guide to this enigmatic theologian whose influence on western Christian spirituality was―and still is―profound." ―Pro EcclesiaAbout the AuthorJohn C. Cavadini is Chairman and Associate Professor of Theology at the University of Notre Dame and is editor of Miracles in Jewish and Christian Antiquity (Notre Dame Press, 2000).

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