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The Subject and the Text Essays on Literary Theory and Philosophy
The Subject and the Text: Essays on Literary Theory and Philosophy By Manfred Frank
1998 | 245 Pages | ISBN: 0521561213 | PDF | 15 MB
In this collection of essays, the German philosopher Manfred Frank challenges many of the fundamental assumptions of contemporary theory. The emphasis on language, he claims, ignores key arguments inherited from Romantic hermeneutics, those which demonstrate that interpretation is an individual activity never finally governed by rules. Andrew Bowie’s introduction situates Frank’s work in the context of contemporary debates in philosophy and literary theory.

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Genres:: Drama, Mystery, Romance
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A reclusive loner, Gwen has an obsession with stalking and studying strangers, always at a distance. When one of her subjects enters her life in an unexpected way it may change her life in ways she could never antipicpate.

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