Christ Returns - Reveals Startling Truth
Christ Returns – Reveals Startling Truth By Recorder
2010 | 243 Pages | ISBN: 0984457801 | PDF | 2 MB
This is the second edition of a groundbreaking spiritual book which originally appeared under the title Christ Returns – Speaks His Truth. In this astonishing book of letters dictated by the Christ Consciousness in the year 2000, Christ refutes religious dogma and explains in lucid and concrete terms the spiritual and scientific Truth of Existence, and how to connect through daily meditation with Divine Consciousness and overcome the dominance of the ego. The style of writing is accessible to all and gripping. From lay person to spiritual master, the reactions have been strong, and the resulting personal transformations have been widespread and profound. Many have remarked the unusually high vibratory rate of this work. Excerpts from the Letters: Because people are on the threshold of a world crisis of enormous proportions, it is vital for survival that I, the Christ, should reach all who will listen. You know little of the true processes of creation in which you, yourselves,About the AuthorOver 40 years, Christ purified and de-programmed the mind of an Englishwoman who had been educated in a French Catholic convent. In the year 2000 at the age of 80, she began to transcribe under Christ’s direction, the teaching she received throughout her years of contact with him. She was told to remain anonymous, and to refer to herself as Recorder. She was told that the Letters should be swiftly publicized and distributed to people seeking Truth. She created a website and self-published her book, but no publicity was done. By word of mouth, the Letters gained recognition, and have been translated into 6 languages. They have found a wide audience particularly in Spain and in May 2009, the book was first published in France by the publisher Interkeltia.

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