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The Assassination Business A History of State-sponsored Murder
Richard Belfield, "The Assassination Business: A History of State-sponsored Murder"
English | 2011 | ISBN: 0786713437 | 311 pages | PDF | 18.5 MB
The BBC Producer and writer culls various assassination manuals from the CIA, Al-Qaeda, and the Soviet Union to explore the role of assassination in modern statecraft, from Kennedy’s order for the murder of Vietnamese President Diem to the killing of his brother, Bobby.

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State Sponsored Cyber Surveillance The Right to Privacy of Communications and International Law
State Sponsored Cyber Surveillance: The Right to Privacy of Communications and International Law by Eliza Watt
2021 | ISBN: 1789900093 | English | 384 pages | PDF | 2 MB
This insightful book focuses on the application of mass surveillance, its impact upon existing international human rights and the challenges posed by mass surveillance. Through the judicious use of case studies State Sponsored Cyber Surveillance argues for the need to balance security requirements with the protection of fundamental rights.

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