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Tag: Speculative

Plants in Science Fiction Speculative Vegetation (New Dimensions In Science Fiction)
Plants in Science Fiction: Speculative Vegetation (New Dimensions In Science Fiction) by Katherine E. Bishop, David Higgins, Jerry Määttä
English | May 1st, 2020 | ISBN: 1786835592 | 272 pages | True EPUB | 0.41 MB
Plants have played key roles in science fiction novels, graphic novels and film. John Wyndham’s triffids, Algernon Blackwood’s willows and Han Kang’s sprouting woman are just a few examples. Plants surround us, sustain us, pique our imaginations and inhabit our metaphors – but in many ways they remain opaque. The scope of their alienation is as broad as their biodiversity. And yet, literary reflections of plant-life are driven, as are many threads of science fictional inquiry, by the concerns of today.

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Critical Black Futures Speculative Theories and Explorations
Critical Black Futures: Speculative Theories and Explorations by Philip Butler
English | EPUB | 2021 | 235 Pages | ISBN : 9811578796 | 7.2 MB
Critical Black Futures imagines worlds, afrofutures, cities, bodies, art and eras that are simultaneously distant, parallel, present, counter, and perpetually materializing. From an exploration of W. E. B. Du Bois’ own afrofuturistic short stories, to trans* super fluid blackness, this volume challenges readers-community leaders, academics, communities, and creatives-to push further into surreal imaginations.

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