Game  By  Walter Dean Myers
Game By Walter Dean Myers
2009 | 228 Pages | ISBN: 0060582960 | PDF | 22 MB
"Game" by Walter Dean Myers is one of the best basketball books ever. It not only is all about basketball it also is about this boy that lives in a neighborhood that most of the kids there get in to trouble and fights and don’t make it to college e that much. Drew the boy in the book doesn’t want to turn out to be just like those people he wants to go to college to play basketball. The only problem is that there are new kids on the team and one of Drew’s friends brother got into trouble and he is trying to help him with all of that, and still be better than the new kids on the team. Drew thinks that his coach is starting to like the new kids on the team better and is afraid that he’s not in the spotlight anymore. All Drew wants to do this year is to make it to the champion ship game. Last year his team didn’t make it that far and is hoping that will make colleges really looking at him by leading his team to the champion ship. His coach now is changing all the plays so that it looks like the new kid is the big hero and Drew is getting really worried about that and thinks that the colleges will just look at the new kid and not even worry about him anymore. It really is the best basketball book ever!

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