Summer of Grace by Shani Struthers

Summer of Grace by Shani Struthers
epub | 340.94 KB | English | Isbn:B08XQMWHLZ | Author: Shani Struthers | PAge: 305 | Year: 2021


An explosive psychological thriller with twist after twist. Perfect for fans of Harlan Coben, Stephen King, C J Tudor and Sarah Pinborough.

A small town, a missing girl, a big secret.

1999: In the small town of Rutherford, Kansas, four teenagers work the night shift in a local store for the summer. Three are loners. One is new in town. Together they’re a perfect fit.

2010: Tupper, the owner of the store and a pillar of the community, dies. Of the night shift, only three return to their hometown for his funeral.

Jules, Lenny and Dean haven’t heard a word from Grace since they left for college in the fall of 1999, despite promises to keep in touch.

No one in town remembers her either. Or so they say.

Jules delves deeper into the mystery of her missing friend, soon becoming obsessed by it.

But obsession is a dangerous thing…


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Category:British Contemporary Literature, Kidnapping Crime Fiction, Women’s Psychological Fiction