Silver Infernos by Alexandra A  Black

Silver Infernos by Alexandra A Black
epub | 315.24 KB | English | Isbn:B0938FV6ZN | Author: Alexandra A. Black | PAge: 239 | Year: 2021


The only adventure Nevinda had ever known was surviving the everyday struggles the world had to offer. She’d always dreamt of more. Of a world beyond her imagination. Of a world that will take her further away from the damaged and boring life that had been offered to her since birth. Like many others, Nevinda always hoped for the adventure of her life, but, like many others, she’d never imagined having her prayers answered.Without as much as a warning, she finds herself drawn into a world full of magic and danger, where every single myth she’d ever heard takes roots into reality. She finds herself trapped in the midst of a war that has been kept a secret for millennia.With her world being torn apart, and a new dangerous destiny laid out for her, she may not even survive, let alone defeat the evil peeking from beyond the shadows.

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