Saving Sophia by Jenna Gunn

Saving Sophia by Jenna Gunn
epub | 314.05 KB | English | Isbn:B0935BKSMY | Author: Jenna Gunn | PAge: 269 | Year: 2021


Everything about Sophia makes the alpha in me snap at the chain I keep it on.

And that’s trouble I don’t want or need.
Because the single mom with M.D. behind her name…
Is the last person I need to be fixated on.

I need to channel that kind of energy into fighting wildfires.
Not fighting my need to own her.

I’m jacked enough as is.
The medical discharge that ended my career as a Navy Trauma Surgeon.
And all the B.S. of trying to reinvent myself in this small town is more than enough headache.

But when I realize she’s the one trapped inside the burning, collapsed building.
All bets are off.
Even if I have to tear the world apart with my bare hands I will save her.
And she will be mine.

Regardless of the fact that I’m her boss. Or that she’s hiding a giant secret…

Saving Sophia will check all of your boxes for steam and action from the moment you meet the handsome but damaged mountain man doctor fireman, Liam Strong. This standalone book kicks off the new Eden Mountain Firefighters collection. No cheating, no cliffhanger. And the best HEA you’ll read all year!

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