Rookie in Love by Zoe Beth Geller

Rookie in Love by Zoe Beth Geller
epub | 259.71 KB | English | Isbn:B08V5JS6G8 | Author: Zoe Beth Geller | PAge: 210 | Year: 2021


There is nothing better than a mocha frappe on the way to the office in the morning and Sunday spent on South Beach. I’m getting closer to the big 3-0 and finding that perfect guy is getting harder and harder even though I work for a sports agency buzzing with jocks. They are married, players, or jerks. Life changes on a dime when I’m sent to Maine amidst a blizzard to rescue a rookie who’s managed to get himself in trouble his first week playing for the NHL team, the Maine Maulers.
I can’t wait to get Wyatt back on track so I can leave this godforsaken frozen state that seems more like Siberia than New England. I’m in a mood by the time I track Wyatt down at the hockey pond. His devilish good looks combine with the way he fills out his old jeans in all the right places …and how sexy he looks leaning on his hockey stick.maybe there is something special about this young jock that is pushing all my buttons.
I’ve been playing in Juniors and traveling all over Europe in order to make it to the pros. It’s supposed to be the highlight of my young life when I score my first goal in a NHL game. But how was I to know that the last girl in the bar after that celebration with the guys was the goalie’s sister? And that she getting even with her boyfriend for ignoring her? Now the team is out of sync and messing with our goalie’s head as he’s losing game over the drama. Management isn’t happy, so I need my agent to go to bat for me.
Only it’s not Dan who shows up, but some smoking hot big city chick who looks like a nine on a scale of 10 and that means she’s off-limits as in high maintenance. I need her to help me fix my reputation with my team as the press is sniffing around for the dirt but after that, I will happily part ways with her only.
Emily turns out to be everything that makes my world complete. I just don’t know if she can give up her city ways for a life in rural Maine when she loves the sound of the ocean and sand under her toes.

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