ROLI Studio Player 1.2.2 MAC-CODESHiNE
ROLI Studio Player 1.2.2 MAC-CODESHiNE | 1.29 GB

Three tools Roli Equator, Cypher2 and Strobe2 in one and advanced performance capabilities.
The plugin combines the sonic possibilities of synthesizers Roli Equator, Cypher2 and Strobe2, and supplements these effects section and the new opportunities for artists. Thus, the tool is equipped with a Smart Chords function to create a complex chord sequences at the touch of a button on a MIDI-keyboard, and the arpeggiator Multi-Layered Arpeggiator, instantly generating any patterns.

Synthesizer synthesis is built around three engines (Equator, Cypher2, Strobe2), which can be used either together or separately. The tool is equipped with a large number of parameters to change the sound, as well as a library of presets to help get started with the plugin.
ROLI Studio Player – this is an amazing new way to get access to all the sounds and effects ROLI in one place and create great music with them.

Year: 2020
Version: 1.2.2
Developer: ROLI
Developer website: roli
Platform: Intel only
Language: English
Tablet: there | patched files
System requirements: macOS 10.13+

ROLI Studio Player 1.2.2 MAC-CODESHiNE