Roland Cloud Bundle 12.2019 macOS
Roland Cloud Bundle 12.2019 macOS | 846 MB

An updated set of cult synthesizers in the software version:
Roland JX-3P 1.0.1 – offers crystal clear sound ACB-component (for analog circuit) – to replicate the original sound. Get the gamut from classical string sounds to crushing metal pads – a re-creation of a polyphonic shestigolosnoe all.
Roland SRX DANCE TRAX 1.0.1 – fifth instrument in the SRX Series is designed for dance music, hip-hop and electronica. This is the original hardware version, sampled waveforms vintage and modern synths, including the Junos, JP-8000, and many others, as a result get a collection of sounds, from lush synthesizers to drum breakdown.
Roland SRX STUDIO 1.0.0 – The third contribution of the SRX Series was intended to convey sounds to the studio or home users, while maintaining their natural atmosphere. The universal set of expressive piano, clear guitars with nylon strings and exquisite wind instruments collect detailed map of entries from professional recording environments around the world.
Roland SRX WORLD 1.0.1 – created in the spirit of the original hardware Roland boards, SRX WORLD is filled with sounds from around the world to improve your compositions.
Roland TB-303 1.0.1 – Evolution of authenticity with advanced features. Immerse yourself in the digital version of the legendary Roland TB-303. Here there is a sense of purity and a massive sound of the original – from the iconic interface to six pens – it provides the corporate crunch. Software tool saves the source and the functionality of the original design, adding many new features.
Roland TR-808 1.0.4 – The famous drum machine touched virtually all areas of modern music, pretty prints heritage. "808-barrel" has become such an integral part of hip-hop, it is now impossible to imagine how would sound genre today, and how have lagged behind the musical evolution of our realities. "808-drum" in the DNA of a culture is the driving force of its development and the resulting directions. «TR-808" is so omnipresent over the years that his drama is like an independent language of expression. Now the sound of "808th" – the basis of urban youth culture, in particular, Trill-Fonck, Trap, Cloud, vidveyva and other areas.
«Roland TR-808" is one of the most influential inventions in the music industry gave birth to the clone machines and sample libraries. Samples its strikers are available for almost every self-respecting producer. Almost impossible to find a software synthesizer or drum machine, which do not have digitally recreated version of its sounds.
Roland TR-909 1.0.4 – this is the first official virtual version of the legendary drum machines, which accurately reproduces the sound of the original instrument. Scheme passage and generating a sound signal are reproduced by using a special simulation technology Analog Circuit Behavior, allowing to achieve the most accurate and similar analog audio equipment. For greater plausibility and interesting sound, the developers have equipped each pattern and each sound is eight variations are switched randomly during use.

Year: 12.2019
Version: 12.2019
Developer: Roland
Developer website: RolandCloud
Platform: INTEL
Format: VSTi3, AUi
Language: English
Tablet: Program treated (Put and Play)
System requirements: System Mac OS X 10.8.5 or later.
Audio Units (AU) version: V2 Audio Units compatible.
CPUIntel (R) Core (TM) 2 Duo or better, RAM4 GB or more