Python Programming for Beginners by Jack Mathew

Python Programming for Beginners by Jack Mathew
epub | 2.43 MB | English | Isbn:B092P1MMJQ | Author: Mathew, Jack | PAge: 236 | Year: 2021


Python Programming for Beginners
Study Python Computer Language Introduction to Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Actually, there are tons of different programming languages, like C++, Java, Matlab, Python, and a lot of others. However, in this book, we will provide you and explain to you why Python is one of the best programming languages that you can learn. We will also talk about big companies and electronics that we use every day that are made with Python.
In the book, you will find tons of images with examples of codes, in order to make easier your learning process. Each image used as an example has a description of what was done and why it was done.
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