Promised by Leigh Walker

Promised by Leigh Walker
epub | 706.63 KB | English | Isbn:B08B1WMCXP | Author: Leigh Walker | PAge: 470 | Year: 2020


Welcome back to the island of Dawnhaven, where nothing is what it seems.
Taylor Hale is thrilled to return to the island, and more importantly, to James Champlain. But as their relationship deepens, she learns dangerous secrets about the supernatural world. There are creatures other than vampires in the island woods. Creatures that seem to be hunting Taylor…
James will do anything to protect the girl he loves. But at every turn, powerful forces threaten to tear them apart. The supernatural balance is shifting. Ancient rivalries have been awoken. Age-old paranormal grudges must be settled, and the island is the perfect battleground.
How can James save Taylor from his world, his family, and…himself?
★★★This is the second book of a romantic new paranormal series, perfect for fans of TWILIGHT and THE VAMPIRE DIARIES. Best for older teens: contains adult language and themes.★★★

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