Point of Contact by Richard Ayre

Point of Contact by Richard Ayre
epub | 276.3 KB | English | Isbn:B092BJNQBZ | Author: Richard Ayre | PAge: 283 | Year: 2021


A series of horrifying, unexplainable deaths. A race against time to stop an all-powerful madman. And the only person who can stop him is battling his own demons.

Newcastle, England. People are bursting into flames without warning or explanation. When the local police seek an expert in spontaneous human combustion, there is only one man to call: ex-firefighter Ian Fenwick, a man with a past as dark as his future.

Fenwick finds himself thrust into his most deadly investigation yet, pitching him against a crazed killer and mysterious entities known only as The Visitors.

Can Fenwick stop them before they make the whole world burn?

Point of Contact is the latest thriller from Richard Ayre, described as “An incredible read, full of action and horror.”

Reviews from the previous edition:
“Strong characters and a gripping adventure. I could not put this book down. A brilliant piece of storytelling that keeps you on the edge of your seat till the very final lines.”
“What Ayre has achieved beautifully with ‘Point of Contact’ is display the depth and strength of his talents as a writer by creating a world that belongs in both the horror and sci-fi genres.”
“What a storyteller Richard Ayre is! Highly recommended!”
“If like me you loved the work of the late James Herbert, then trust me, you’ll want to check out Richard Ayre. This man can write stories that’ll drag you in and keep you in the tale’s grasp until the very last page.” – Chris Hall: DLS Reviews