Pixologic ZBrush 2021.1.1 x64
Pixologic ZBrush 2021.1.1 x64 | 1.35 GB

ZBrush 2021 update released
Of the major innovations: fabric tools have greatly improved productivity.
The new physics-enabled fabric sculpting toolbox includes MicroPoly to simulate the physical structure of rough fabric and materials such as chain mail, creating a range of predefined geometries to create structure.
The update adds a cloth dynamics system, with gravity and collision support.
Dynamic Subdiv provides a preview of the levels without actually increasing the base polygon count. This feature has now been enhanced to allow you to add an adjustable thickness to any single piece of planar geometry.
You can also add a piece of geometry to each polygon as a fully interactive instance.
Productivity has been taken to the next level. The team has overhauled the systems behind sculpting brushes, as well as many other popular features. Speed ​​has increased across all sectors, including faster response times with high poly models, faster DynaMesh, and more. Plus, the new Optimal option for intelligent multithreading will always keep the number of threads ZBrush needs for your system for the best performance.