Orchestral Tools TIME micro (KONTAKT)
Orchestral Tools TIME micro (KONTAKT) | 53.04 GB

Chamber ensembles and soloists
TIME micro – your creative resource for atmospheric and rhythmic emphasis, focused on small groups of soloists and instruments – for example, the string section of the chamber size and a small vocal group, consisting of no more than three singers.

Instead of the standard tools, users often find lower or softer alternatives instead Basset clarinet, flugelhorn / cornet instead of pipes and alto flute / bass flute instead of the standard flute.
In addition to inspiring a string quartet, written in unison, and deep bass section, TIME micro expand your palette of sounds shimmering tones of celesta, harp and mandolin. Not to mention the experimental and unusual articulations – from air shades woodwind, harmonic waves and colors to stutterers staccato performances and super soft barely audible string bows.
Unique color and texture – only many subtle touches that will expand your set of orchestral inspiration with unique colorings intimate texture.
Unstable tone – The feeling of time displacement, which gives TIME micro and its name can be attributed to subtle movements forward within the looped-resistant texture, as well as “swinging pendulum”, recreating the vibrational motion of the pendulum in the form of dynamic swell within these patches. Rhythmic patterns that cause the imagination of movements sounds played on the same field or in the form of non-tonal percussion music.
Timeless records – As is the case with the TIME macro, collections Metropolis and Berlin Series, all samples of the orchestra were recorded using the highest setting on the legendary microphones Teldex Scoring stage. Excellent acoustics, ideal for acoustic sampling, this uniquely balanced hall also has the best microphones last fifty years.