Nourish A Modern Mothers Guide To Child Nutrition

Nourish A Modern Mothers Guide To Child Nutrition
epub | 2.51 MB | English | Isbn:B07455XBSM | Author: Tamar N Henry | PAge: 450 | Year: 2017


NOURISH is a new holistic approach to providing and sustaining vital nutrition for the whole family.
In her own words, Tamar Henry tells the traumatic story of the health challenge that rocked her young son’s life. Through her son’s adversity, subsequent recovery and her studies to become the health professional she is today, this mother of three adopted a new focus on nutrition that lends itself to her family’s current lifestyle. Dedicated to all mothers, NOURISH gently guides the reader through the five focus points that Tamar believes and demonstrates are vital to the success of your child’s nutrition and overall health. At the forefront of holistic nutrition education, Tamar Henry works passionately to create change one life at a time. Whether its in the comfort of her own home, the houses of her clients, schools or the community at large, her very modern approach explains how nutrition is the key to wellbeing and how simple but effective changes can lead to better…

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