Nick Kyme - Motherlode (Blackstone Fortress Short Story)

Nick Kyme – Motherlode (Blackstone Fortress Short Story)
pdf | 2.07 MB | English | Isbn:‎ B07KPJ9T34 | Author: Nick Kyme | Year: 2018


Advent Calendar 2018: Day Thirteen

Returning to Precipice after a narrow escape from a drukhari raider in the Blackstone Fortress, the ratling twins Raus and Rein find that danger lurks all around them.


It’s a madcap day-in-the-life tale starring the ratling twins from Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress. Getting into one scrape after another, it’s a great exploration of how they are – and how they survive.


After a successful adventure in the Blackstone Fortress – and a desperate escape from a fearsome enemy – the ratling twins Raus and Rein return to Precipice to sell their hard-won spoils, leaving their drukhari foe for dead. But it’s not that easy to kill a denizen of the Dark City. As they try to offload their haul in the markets of Precipice, the day quickly spirals out of control as their past catches up with them in more ways than one – can the twins possibly escape the enemies coming their way?

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