Monkeys, Myths, and Molecules

Monkeys, Myths, and Molecules
epub | 1.75 MB | English | Isbn:B00P6VHS7G | Author: Joe Schwarcz | PAge: 307 | Year: 2015


The bestselling popular science author "has made it his mission to tackle myths about science and the so-called experts who spread them" (CBC Radio).

The internet is a powerful beast when it comes to science; the answer to any query you may have is just a few keystrokes away. But when there are multiple answers from various sources, how do we know what information is reliable? In Monkeys, Myths, and Molecules, bestselling author Dr. Joe Schwarcz takes a critical look at how facts are misconstrued in the media. He debunks the myths surrounding canned food, artificial dyes, SPF, homeopathy, cancer, chemicals, and much more.

Unafraid to expose the sheer nonsense people are led to believe about health, food, drugs, and our environment, Dr. Joe confronts pseudoscience and convincingly and entertainingly advocates for a scientific approach to everyday life.

"A compendium of short articles on a variety of subjects,…

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