MMC ASA Regions 01.2020
MMC ASA Regions 01.2020 | 1.35 GB

Spare parts catalogs Mitsubishi ASA for the markets of Europe cars, Asia, North America and Japan. It contains full information on spare parts and additional equipment for passenger cars and SUVs. In the catalog of auto parts has a search on VIN, model number, name and details of applicability.
In all parts used shell version

It works correctly on operating systems from Windows XP to Windows 10 64-bit.
Setting: Catalogs collected as installers – self-extracting RAR archives.
Just run the exe-file at the request specify a different installation path and wait for the end of the box.
To install Windows 7 and Windows 10 exe-file to run as an administrator (even if you have local administrator rights).
After the installation icon appears on the desktop “Mitsubish ASA (the region).” Run by clicking on the icon.
The installer will copy the folder C: \ Windows file ASAMAIN.ini. It should be checked. If the user is in the system lacks the required permissions, copying will not happen. You will need to do it manually (file ASAMAIN.ini will be in the folder where you unpacked ASA).
If the installation change the directory path of the program in the file C: \ Windows \ ASAMAIN.ini need to improve all the way to the right.
Updated 15/05/2019:
1. [M60] Mitsubishi ASA Europe, update 565 (01.06.2018)
2. At the start of the program there are no more annoying warning.
Updated 11/13/2019:
1. [M60] Mitsubishi ASA Europe, update 612 (05.17.2019)
Updated 14/02/2020:
1. [M60] Mitsubishi ASA Europe, update 645 (01.24.2020)
Updated 26/03/2020:
1. [M50] Mitsubishi ASA North America, update 602 (07.26.2019)

Year / Release Date: 04/28/2017 – 01/24/2020
Shell –
[M00] Mitsubishi ASA Japan, update 596 (04.28.2017)
[M50] Mitsubishi ASA North America, update 602 (07.26.2019)
[M60] Mitsubishi ASA Europe, update 645 (01.24.2020)
[M80] Mitsubishi ASA General Export, update 476 (04.28.2017)
Developer: LexCom
Language: Multilingual (Russian available)
Medicine: cured