Marshal by Jodi Burnett

Marshal by Jodi Burnett
epub | 296.15 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B09CW7GHSN | Author: Jodi Burnett | Year: 2022


</h4> <h4>A US Marshal K9 Thriller
The U.S. Marshals service seeks a K9 Unit for their elite strike team tasked with hunting down America’s most wanted criminals. Caitlyn Reed and her K9 partner, Renegade, are called up to the varsity to face this harrowing challenge. Has she bitten off more than she can handle?
Moose Creek Sheriff Colt Branson finds himself in the foray as a part of the U.S. Marshal’s new federal, state, and local joint task force aimed at bringing down the worst of the worst who have taken up refuge in his own backyard, the windswept wilderness of northeastern Wyoming.
Caitlyn, Renegade, and Colt battle not only the heinous outlaws, but the rugged Wyoming mountains. In this cat-and-mouse thriller, who is hunting whom?

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