Learn Arduino by Albert Denys

Learn Arduino by Albert Denys
pdf | 11.29 MB | English | Isbn:B092RM6C6C | Author: Alberto Denys | PAge: 404 | Year: 2021


The book presents all the knowledge necessary to master the development of projects using Arduino. All topics are presented in detail with explanatory texts, images, diagrams and programs. The book is organized in such a way that any reader without prior knowledge of electronics and programming can progress to creating a complex final project.
Learn about …
• ATMEL 328P chip and Arduino kit hardware
• How to obtain, install and use the kit integrated development environment (IDE)
• C ++ programming
• C ++ programming focused on Arduino
• What is a C++ library and how to use it
• How to develop a program using the IDE
• How to upload the program to Arduino using the IDE
• How to test and debug programs
• How to debug programs
• What sensors are, how they work and how to understand the parameters provided by the manufacturer
• How to use sensors for temperature, humidity, pressure, acceleration, distance and brightness
• How to use input and output devices such as keyboards, displays and relays
• How to use communication using radio devices in the 433 MHz and 2.4 GHz bands
• How to use communication using Bluetooth
• How to network Arduino using Ethernet and WiFi
• How to develop a complete project for a functional weather station
There are 404 pages with 30+ experiments and 60+ programs distributed in 5 chapters. The 5 chapters are distributed in 19 subjects that in turn address a total of 82 items.

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