Karama Fresh by Lana Nazer

Karama Fresh by Lana Nazer
epub | 13.33 MB | English | Isbn:B09219GMF1 | Author: Nazer, Lana, Weston, Jessica | PAge: 65 | Year: 2021


A beautiful & delicious guide for anyone and everyone, any time of year, whether or not you practice Ramadan.

We have catered this e-book to flow through the 4 holy weeks of Ramadan with a new theme, mindfulness practice, affirmation, essential oil, and recipes for each week, all aligned with the lunar cycle. Whenever this comes to you, whether during Ramadan or not, you can find so many tools, support, and delicious recipes to weave into your daily life.

Each week we have 5 recipes to awaken your palate – dates to break your fast, followed by a fresh pressed juice, a refreshing smoothie, a hardy traditional Ramadan meal, and a nourishing elixir / hot drink. Imagine. rose pistachio cardamom dates, watermelon mint juice, banana bread smoothie, Arabic hot chocolate, shorbat hab (traditional oat soup), and the best Arabic coffee you’ve ever had, to name just a few.

We hope this e-book brings you closer to your community, sharing and co-creating these delicious meals and traditions with your family & friends.

Arabic translation available.

Category:Middle Eastern Cooking, Food & Wine, Two-Hour Cookbook, Food & Wine Short Reads