Iveco Power 1q.2019 Multilingual
Iveco Power 1q.2019 Multilingual | 5.64 GB

IVECO Power is a catalog of spare parts for trucks, vans and buses IVECO.

It comes catalog IVECO Power on one DVD. The program IVECO Power is one of the most simple and easy to work on trucks. Work with parts catalog, you can not even owning any foreign language, but it’s better to have a basic knowledge of one of six foreign languages. There is a search by model, VIN number, the VP number, according to the original part number or name. Comparison of two different versions of one model.
Extras. Information: Russian language – the curve. Catalog of works only in IE9 and below or in compatibility mode for IE9
Version cured and repacked in the original form. Set the default language is English.
Run cdi.exe. -> Yes -> Forward -> We are waiting for ->
Here I change the installation directory to C: \ Auto \ Iveco -> Forward -> I agree -> I agree -> I agree -> Long wait.
Forward -> I agree -> I agree -> I agree -> We are waiting for a long time -> Ok -> Bye.
Run installed Iveco. In the window – in the upper right corner to change the port 9090 -> Ok.
On request of the firewall 2 times Allow access.
Run Internet Explorer and enter the address:
Translations into IE9 compatibility mode

Year / Date of Release: 2019
Version 2019 / 1q
Developer: Iveco
Language: Multilingual (Russian present but the curve)
Medicine: cured