India's Public Health Care Delivery - Policies for Universal Health Care

India’s Public Health Care Delivery – Policies for Universal Health Care
pdf | 3.53 MB | English | Isbn:B08Y7LFLHY | Author: Sanjeev Kelkar | PAge: 507 | Year: 2021


This book describes the present awful state of India’s Public Health Care Delivery, its dismal planning and implementation. It argues that it can be remedied comprehensively and effectively, using its ‘own already present’ resources. A radical re-evaluation of some sacrosanct ideas and discarding many of these, especially in Primary Care and its structure is required. It can be done without disadvantage to the last man served. 
This book starts with the sea change India has undergone and emphasizes new ways of managing health. High quality work force creation and its deployment, an unsolved problem is effectively given a solution. The bulk of the book discusses the entire public health care structure and function and how it can be newly laid out with proper work force allocation, hitherto grossly inadequate, including professionals from other training backgrounds. It is total solution that will help India to achieve the goal of Universal Health Care.