India's Power Elite by Baru Sanjaya

India’s Power Elite by Baru Sanjaya
epub | 384.74 KB | English | Isbn:B091D2MMPY | Author: Sanjaya Baru | PAge: 237 | Year: 2021


India’s Power Elite is a study of the nature of power and elitism in postcolonial India. Its point of departure is the political transition under way in twenty-first-century India, with the marginalization of the Congress Party and the staging of a cultural revolution symbolized by the rise of Hindu majoritarianism. Baru deconstructs the morphology of the Indian power elite-comprising remnants of a feudal gentry, kulaks, a metropolitan business class, the civil services and a cultural elite of opinion-makers. He also examines the role of caste, class and culture in the emergence of a ‘New India’. Aimed at the socially engaged reader, this book will interest both students as well as those who wield power.

Category:Politics Literary Criticism, Political Literature Criticism, Non-US Legal Systems