iGO R3 HERE Navteq 2020.Q2 EUROPE 10.08.2020
iGO R3 HERE Navteq 2020.Q2 EUROPE 10.08.2020 | 6.93 GB

Expired map of Europe for iGo program

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Types of map files and content are “content” folder
Folder building:
* .3DL – three-dimensional buildings, points of interest (for example – St. Basil’s Cathedral)
* .3DC – ordinary three-dimensional buildings (for example – five-storey building)
Folder dem:
* .DEM – three-dimensional landscapes
Folder histspeed:
* .HSP – Navteq Traffic Patterns – averaged data loading of roads on different days of the week and hours, it helps in the calculation of the route to avoid traffic jams. Here you can read the description HistSpeed ​​function. To date, the files are out of date, since replaced by .FSP
Folder phoneme:
* .PH – phonemes for TTS – literacy of pronunciation of streets and localities names, phonemes are not recommended for the Russian vote.
Folder map:
* .HNR – for quick calculation of long routes (first of all – between countries), but for Primo, to activate must be a whole set of cards of the same version of the EEU (Eastern Europe), WEU (Western Europe), or additional Entry sys.txt
** Easy – a simple route, Economical – cost-effective, Fast – faster, Green – eco-friendly, Short – short.
* .FJW – a new (for 2014), the vector version of “Crossroads review” ..
* .FBL – the actual card itself.
* .FDA – Driver alerts (warning drivers).
* .FPA – Point Addressing (additional information at the following addresses). Only for Primo
* .FSP – profiles of traffic, content is displayed in the archive traffic data and takes into account the program for a route
* .FTR – Truck Info (Information for freight transport). Only for Primo
* .FDS – files automatically control the operation of the transmission on some models of modern vehicles on the dangerous curves and sharp turns. For conventional GPS-devices, these files are not necessary
* .Fbl + * fpa + * fda + * fsp + * ftr + * hnr -….. Must be the same version and the same manufacturer, otherwise, even if the license * .fda * .fpa * .ftr * .fsp * .hnr ( any) will be inactive content.
Folder speedcam:
* .SPC – releases official database files spidkamy from HERE (with extension .spc files). “Arrows” in them, and the license for iGO8 Primo can be found in this thread and through the cap Radar theme.
Folder poi:
* .POI – points of interests are standart and extended, and extended not always include standart

Release Date: 08/10/2020
Version: Q2
Developer: navteq
Developer website: http://www.here.com
Language: Multilingual (Russian present)
Medicine: cured
System requirements: iGo software (Becker, Primo, Nextgen)


iGO R3 HERE Navteq 2020.Q2 EUROPE 10.08.2020