How to Kill a Dragon by J A  Culican

How to Kill a Dragon by J A Culican
epub | 508.04 KB | English | Isbn:B0913DJ46D | Author: J.A. Culican | PAge: 254 | Year: 2021


Her bloodline says they should be mortal enemies. Her heart swears otherwise. Will her torn loyalties leave her vulnerable to a rising evil?
Minx’s hunting and fighting skills are legendary. But when adversaries trespass on the royal Fae lands, she’s nervous about her mission to restore the defense wards by slaying a dragon and returning with its powerful hide. And the ferocious warrior grows desperate when neighboring clans demand that she defeat not one, but two of the fearsome beasts in fights to the death.
Angered by the coercive demand, Minx tracks down her first red-scaled monster-only to be stunned when it shifts into a stunning young man. And when her handsome foe claims they share a common adversary, her attraction tempts her toward an unheard-of alliance against a dark new threat.
Will Minx’s quest to save her species drag them into a bloody war?
How to Kill a Dragon is the breathtaking first book in the Heir of Dragons epic fantasy series. If you like fierce heroines, forbidden romance, and magic gone awry, then you’ll love J. A. Culican’s fiery tale.

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