Hitlers Secret War In South America 1939-1945

Hitlers Secret War In South America 1939-1945
pdf | 19.79 MB | English | Isbn:B00B10JGEO | Author: Hilton, Stanley E.(Author) | PAge: 382 | Year: 1999


Published first in Brazil as Suástica sobre o Brasil, this examination of the rise and fall of German espionage in that country spent months on the best-seller list there and generated a national furor as former spies and collaborationists denounced it as a CIA ploy. Here, for the first time, are the colorful stories of such German agents as "Alfredo," probably the most important enemy operative in the Americas; "King," who was decorated for his daring exploits but who carelessly mentioned the real names of his collaborators in secret radio messages; the bumbling Janos Salamon; and the debonair Hans Christian von Kotze, who ultimately betrayed the Abwehr (German Military Intelligence).
Eminently readable, Hitler’s Secret War in South America resembles, but is not, fiction. It describes in detail the Allies’ real battle against the Abwehr, a struggle highlighted by the interception and deciphering of German radio transmissions.

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