Getting Started in Street Photography by Bill Birnbaum

Getting Started in Street Photography by Bill Birnbaum
epub | 4.53 MB | English | Isbn:B077Y1JC5W | Author: Bill Birnbaum | PAge: 120 | Year: 2018


During his 20 years "shooting street," Bill Birnbaum has been photographing strangers on the streets of North America, South America, Europe and New Zealand. In this book, he offers the reader the benefit of his extensive experience.In "Getting Started in Street Photography," you will learn…

  • What kind of camera is best for shooting street?
  • Choosing your lens – which is best for street photography?
  • The most appropriate camera settings for shooting street
  • How about a smart phone for street photography? – pluses and minuses
  • Pre-focusing (or zone focusing) to gain speed
  • Color vs. black and white – considerations in choosing
  • How to overcome fear of photographing strangers by employing the technique of "farming" rather than "hunting."
  • Strolling around the streets – moving within a fast-paced crowd
  • Remaining inconspicuous when photographing strangers – dos and don’ts
  • Techniques for "shooting from the hip" – when walking, standing, sitting
  • What to look…
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