Final Cut Pro X  Essentials: From Newbie to YouTuber
Final Cut Pro X Essentials: From Newbie to YouTuber
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If you’ve reached this page, chances are that you want to learn how to edit videos, right?
Video surrounds us practically everyday. I’m sure the thought of you editing a video has come to mind.

You don’t have to be an expert in editing videos, especially not in this day and age. Learning how to edit your videos can:
Turn into a great & valuable lifetime skill
Save you time from having to find someone else to video edit &
Produce your own professional-looking videos.

This is the perfect course to jumpstart your video editing skills and techniques.
If you’re looking to edit your videos for:
Or Personal Reasons

This is the perfect course for you!
Whatever your motivation is for learning how to edit videos on Final Cut Pro X, you’ve come to the right place.
This is the one place with everything you need to learn to create professional-looking videos.
The Final Cut Pro X Essentials class is a fast and effective course that takes you from zero skills to a fully-fledged video editor.
While there are plenty of final cut pro x courses out there, it’s hard to find one that isn’t trying to turn you into the best FCPX video editor in the world. I teach you the essentials in this course which means learning just enough to edit videos in a professional-looking way.
I won’t be including any "advanced" information that you’ll only use once every 50 videos, and as the saying goes, "If you don’t use it, you lose it." What’s the point of learning things about FCPX if you’re not gonna use those aspects of the software in every video that you edit?
This course is designed to teach you the ESSENTIALS of Final Cut Pro X and is for anyone who wants to edit videos. So if you’re a complete newbie or someone who wants to dive into FCPX, you’re in the right place.
Who Am I?
My name is Jon- and I’m a licensed physical therapist in the US, but I also have a Bachelor’s degree in YouTube (I have 140k subscribers on my brand channel). I taught myself how to film and edit videos years ago back in high school. My first video I ever filmed and edited was me time lapsing a walk from my house to the community gate (note on this day, it was actually garbage day, so there were trash cans to be seen EVERYWHERE throughout the video).
Fast forward to today, and I have now edited probably over 2,000 videos. I’ve seen a few Final Cut Pro X courses, but my problem with those is that they teach you a lot of unnecessary functions of Final Cut Pro X that make the program confusing.
I put this course together to show how I edit a video from start to finish using my own methods and techniques. Hopefully this will help anyone interested in editing their own videos:).

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