Fated Maid by Athena Storm, Tara Starr

Fated Maid by Athena Storm, Tara Starr
epub | 472.45 KB | English | Isbn:B08ZHDLX2T | Author: Athena Storm, Tara Starr | PAge: 204 | Year: 2021


No way in hell am I letting Telkar draft me into servitude!

Imagine this grown ass soldier begging his two nephews to behave.
Other enemies he could just easily decapitate.
But that’s not possible when your adversary is a thumb sucking toddler.
So Telkar’s solution? Find a human female and make her take care of them.

That human happens to be me.

Sure, I love children.
And okay, yes, this alien commander is something else entirely.
His ripped muscles and tight torso leave very little to the imagination as to what he looks like when he takes off his armor.

But no. You don’t just pluck me off the street. Even if you run the planet.
You certainly don’t say I’m your fated mate and it all gets better.
I am not going to serve him and his children with a smile.
We are not going to live happily ever after.
We are not soulmates.
And no way do we belong together..

Then why I can’t stop thinking that we are?
It wasn’t fate that made me just a maid to this alien warrior.
But also his.

Fated Mate.

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